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Who are we ?

The observatory Observatoire Centre Ardenne (OCA) is part of the "Cercle des Naturalistes de Belgique" established in 1957.

The OCA has two main motivations: One is to make astronomy accessible to everyone and the other is participation in scientific projects.

The amateur club (Astronomy Centre Ardenne), launched in 1988, has for several years used other municipal buildings and had two small domes. But these facilities were no longer the request of many students and other activities, and therefore it was decided in 2003 to build a new observatory with a much more favorable position Therefor we build the current buildings in Grapfontaine in green countryside far from any light pollution.

The Astronomical Observatory Observatoire Centre Ardenne has six domes with specific instruments, including a Planewave with 61 cm mirror. One dome is the project "accessible étoile" (a dome accessible to people with reduced mobility). There is a very natural quality of the site, elevation 440 m and far away from light pollution. It is the only public observatory in Wallonia.

In early 2015, we have opened our planetarium (6m diameter) and built a didactic classroom.

Observatoire Centre Ardenne  100, chemin de la source   B-6840 GRAPFONTAINE                          

  Tel: +32(0)61/61.59.05  GSM: +32(0)495/26.76.59             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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